Monday, 18 October 2010

Monday 18/10/2010

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2010

Monday 18/10/2010: Morning

Today is Somavar (Monday), the day dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva, and also Ekadashi. The morning session for the UK group started with the usual prayers – Aumkaar and Suprabhaatham – and hymns in praise of Lord Shiva.
The morning session was centred around an inspirational story of how a spiritual disciple demonstrated the Grace of his Master by the forbearance and equanimity he showed in a difficult situation. Whilst taking a walk, the disciple was approached by a number of ruffians. The disciple was first harassed with words, but remained unmoved and continued to walk with a smile. This instigated the ruffians, making them push and beat him. The disciple fell on the floor with blood on his knees and elbows and a cut to his face. The ruffians then left the scene but a passer-by then approached the disciple and asked him why his master, whom the disciple praised greatly, did not save him in this situation. The disciple gave a wonderful answer, saying that if the man could not see the Presence of his Master in the qualities which the disciple showed throughout this incident, then the witness would never be able to win a deep understanding of the Master.
With the conclusion of Dassera yesterday, the numbers now congregated in Sai Kulwant Hall this morning had dropped by more than half. The priests who performed the Yajna were waiting in the Mandir for Swami’s arrival, to receive His Blessings before their departure. However, Swami did not come out for Darshan this morning. There was Vedam chanting and bhajans as usual and Aarthi was taken at around 9:30 am. This brought the morning session to a close.
The UK group were invited for a talk in the RadioSai studios with Prof. G. Venkataraman. The session consisted of two parts. In the first, Prof. Venkataraman outlined the current problems facing humanity and the social responsibilities of all people, drawing from Swami’s maxim that ‘the proper study of mankind is man’. As an example, the human body consists of many cells and organ systems working in harmony together even though they can exist independently without each other. Following this, there was a short Q&A session. The group were then shown a preview of the first episode of a series called ‘The Message of the Lord’, with a new episode being broadcasted online daily for a month, starting from Avatarhood Day (20 October) right up to Swami’s 85th Birthday. We received the good news that there are plans to broadcast the 85th Birthday celebrations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. G. Venkataraman and RadioSai for inviting us to their studios for this enlightening session.

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2010

Monday 18/10/2010: Afternoon

Swami came for Darshan at 5:15 pm, conferring joy to all present. Swami approached the portico and spoke to the UK group leader Puppet (Sri Ajit Popat), blessing various offerings. Swami then blessed one of the group members with vibhuti packets. Swami then gave Puppet sir a handful of vibhuti packets. Puppet sir then asked Swami if there were packets for the group boys, to which Swami replied that they would receive their Prasadam tomorrow.
Swami also went into the Mandir and blessed all the priests who had been conducting the Yajna for the past seven days. To the pleasant surprise of other devotees seated on the verandah, Swami instructed His students to take Him amongst those seated on the verandah so that He could give them vibhuti Prasadam. After listening to a bhajan, Swami instructed for Aarthi to be taken. Finally, Swami blessed the Ashram priest with a vibhuti packet and spoke to Him. Swami left for Yajur Mandir soon after at around 6:15 pm.