Thursday, 14 October 2010

Thursday 14/10/2010

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2010

Thursday 14/10/2010: Morning

On the seventh day of Navaratri and Grama Seva, the day devoted to Guru (in whichever form you worship) began at 5:20 am with silent sitting, Aumkaar, Suprabhaatham and an inspiring Thought for the Day.
Today was a busy day for the Grama Seva teams. The UK group with Swami’s students covered three villages, which consisted of Satharallapalli (approx. 250 houses), Diguchurvapalli (approx. 200 houses) and E. Gingareddypalli Tanda (approx. 530 houses).
The route to these villages, which were situated about 45 kilometres from the Ashram, was potholed and rough, but passed through the mountains, lush fields and crossed the Chitravati river. The furthest village was 45 km away, but because of the road conditions, took over an hour to reach.
At each of the villages, the Grama Seva began with Vedam chanting or bhajans (Nagarasankirtan) and concluded with Mangala Aarathi at the village Mandir. The common theme was the warm welcome we received as well as the eagerness with which the villagers accepted Swami’s Prasadam.
On returning from the villages, the Grama Seva groups distributed Swami’s Prasadam to labourers working at various road construction sites en-route to the Ashram. There was never a shortage of smiling children wanting by the roadside for a laddu or photo of Swami. However, with the Dassera holidays, there seemed to be more children than laddus!

Sai Kingdom (UK) Grama Seva Group 2010

Thursday 14/10/2010: Afternoon

In the afternoon, the crowds had gathered to receive the Darshan and Blessings of our Lord, Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The Vedam commenced at 4:30 pm with Sri Rudram (Namakam and Chamakam) and Purusha Suktam. Swami’s students then took over with heartfelt devotional singing to invite our Lord to Sai Kulwant Hall. As always, our Dear Lord responded immediately. However, Swami always says: “Love my uncertainty”. Today, Swami displayed this by arriving for Darshan in His car. Swami has not entered Sai Kulwant Hall for Darshan in His car in a long time, so it may be that Swami wishes to bless His car and driver in anticipation of Vahana Puja, which is to happen tomorrow.
Swami was in a wonderful and cheerful mood. As He approached the portico, He came out of His vehicle and sat in front of the gathered assembly. Swami listened to the bhajans as He read a few letters from devotees. He then signalled to the birthday boys to come to Him.
Watching Swami bless the birthday boys was a reminder to all gathered of how Loving and Caring our Dear Mother Sai is. Swami then continued listening to the bhajans, calling a further three boys to the portico to bless them with rice and vibhuti. Swami also blessed CDs prepared by these boys. Swami occasionally threw vibhuthi packets to boys sitting at the front, smiling and giving them paadanamaskaar.
Swami then called for Aarthi to be taken at 7:05 pm and whilst the Shanthi recitation was being sung, Swami raised both of His Hands in Abhayahasta three times, once each for the men, ladies and students, with a lovely smile playing on His face. Again, Swami wanted to bless the assembled audience again: as Samastha Lokaah was being chanted, Swami again raised His hands twice to bless all the people in all the worlds.